Smaller projects, sketches, and illustrations


February 2018
3 Days
Physical Computing, Arduino, Processing, Model Prototyping

Processing + Ink = PRINK

PRINK is my take on a digital form of the KRINK fire extinguisher. PRINK uses Arduino and Processing to create a paint drip effect. Ideally, this would take the form of an interactive art installation where digital paint could be "sprayed" and projected onto various walls and surfaces. For now, it lives in full-screen mode on the computer.


January 2018
5 Days
In collaboration with Daphne Liang, Will Oberleitner, and Will Wang.
Physical Prototyping, Model Prototyping, Industrial Design

Lavo is the result of a model prototyping assignment that tasked us to reimagine the shower interface.

The goal was to create a new interface that is simple, intuitive, and minimalistic, while satisfying the requirements of solutions for bathtub, shower, temperature, and water pressure.


November 2017
In collaboration with Duminda Aluthgamage, Brian Nguyen, and Michael Jay.
Storyboarding, Storytelling, Video Production

What if your data worked, seamlessly, for you?

Omni is a tool to augment your life, not control your decision making. Suggestions are not made for consumerist purposes, but in order to benefit the you directly.

Restrictions: only still images were permitted.


Hand lettering, Pen and Paper, Vector Art, Screen Printing.

I doodle and occasionally vectorize. Here are some of my recent favorites.