Yo Now

Internal Global Social Network

Crispin Porter + Bogusky | Boulder, CO
Summer 2016
In collaboration with David Irons, Harold Jones, Jesse Jones, Tyler Gonerka
Ideation, Wireframes, User Flows

Global advertising agencies are unique. More often than not, work extends beyond the offices and into different parts of the world. People are on shoots, at meetings, creating things, creating experiences, and generating an "energy." 

The challenge

To showcase the energy of agency culture, we created a seamless way of sharing and displaying the unique, momentary experiences of the employee network at CP+B both inside and outside of the office.


Employees would not adopt the tool unless it fit simply into current habits and behaviors. 

The tool had to fit into how employees already shared content. That meant no app downloads, no editing and no special formatting.

Our solution

How it works

Employees take photos or videos using whatever device or app they choose.

They email the content to a single email address. The system automatically parses out the attachment and the subject line is used as a caption.

The content is then instantly displayed on huge screens in the lobbies of 10 global offices.

Only emails from internal email addresses are analyzed and the employee's name is displayed providing incentive to keep content appropriate.

My work

Along with David Irons, I played a key role in initial ideation, preliminary wireframes, and the continuous iteration of the concept and form factor during my internship and extension at Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Boulder, Colorado office. If you are interested in learning more about my role(s) in this project or would like to see the artifacts I created throughout the process, please contact me directly, I'd be happy to talk more!


What I Learned

UX Process From Start to Finish
As an intern at CP+B, this was my first exposure to the workflow of a UX team at a large company. It was invaluable to not only have the opportunity to learn about the UX team's process, but to also "have a voice" in the project. This project was a lesson in taking something and running with it. It was a continuous cycle of learning, unlearning, and re-learning.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
This project allowed me the opportunity to work in a collaborative, cross-department environment to accomplish and deliver the end-product. Working in collaboration with Experience Director David Irons, CTO Harold Jones, VP Jesse Jones, and Sr. Art Director Tyler Gonerka was a beautiful experience in learning how to ideate and iterate with all perspectives in play.