College of Physicians

Web Design

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is a public-facing medical institution dedicated to sharing its wealth of knowledge. The college owns and operates the Mütter museum and the website "History of Vaccines." The team at Bluecadet was contracted to create three websites that communicated the relationship of the three entities, while accomplishing individual goals of each.

My Role

As a designer, I worked with a team of content strategists and developers to help define the architecture and strategy for the three websites. I was responsible for developing user journeys and wireframes, and I supported in stakeholder interviews, development of the sitemap, and final visual design.


The College of Physicians of Philadelphia came to Bluecadet for a website redesign. The main challenge of this project was the composition of the CPP's institutional ecosystem. We were scoped to create three separate websites, while conveying the relationship between the entities, and allowing users to access each site from another.

One particular challenge was working within the existing brand guidelines of each institution, while attempting to create a cohesion among the three entities.

College of Physicians

The College of Phyisicans of Philadelphia is a public-facing medical institution, comprised of a collaborative of medical professionals. The College is dedicated to sharing its knowledge within the medical community and to the public.

Mütter Museum

The Mütter museum is owned and operated by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Its mission is to help the public understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body and to appreciate the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.

College of Physicians Website

The main goals of the College of Physicians website were to communicate the mission of the college and showcase the medical "fellows" that make up the college.

The CPP website was designed as the subtle "parent" of the three entities, to reflect the organizational structure. Each site features a persistent global navigation, with links to each entity's site. Within this global nav, is a "Topics" section, designed to showcase the unique voice of each entity around timely public health topics.

Some of the main features of the CPP website include "fellow" features, an education blog, and information on the various programming that is put on by the college.

Mütter Museum Website

If there's one thing the Mütter Museum website had, it was content. The main goals of the Mütter website were to design a site that accommodates content across exhibits, objects, events, videos, and podcasts.

The content strategy involved categorizing all of these content types into "stories" and giving website users a playful entry into this content through an "I'm into ... " filtering system.

Some of the main features of the Mütter museum website include "stories," exhibitions, an events calendar, and spaces to showcase public testimonials.

History of Vaccines Website

The History of Vaccines has played a big part in educating the public on vaccines' role in medical history and progression. The website was designed to showcase the organization's timely perspective on things like Covid-19, while also serving as a place to learn interesting stories throughout medical history.

The main feature of the original HOV website was a timeline. We completely overhauled the user experience and design of the timeline.

The timeline content was restructured from a long-form to a series of smaller, more focused and "digestible" disease pages. Within each disease page was an overview page and a timeline consisting of different event patterns for content authors to use when constructing the timeline.

  • Final Designs
  • Style Guide
  • Three prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Research Report
Programs and Software
  • Figma
  • Airtable
  • Google Docs and Slides