Selected Work

This page consists of assorted projects including physical prototyping, illustration, information design, and speculative concepts.

Project Type
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Information Design

American Guns

Given the political polarization on firearms in the United States, I wanted to examine the differences in attitudes, opinions, and experience with guns among urban and rural Americans. Using data from the Pew Research Center, I created a journalistic infographic to explore America's complex relationship with their guns and neighbors.
Arduino + Processing


PRINK is my take on a digital form of the KRINK fire extinguisher. PRINK uses Arduino and Processing to create a paint drip effect. Ideally, this would take the form of an interactive art installation where digital paint could be "sprayed" and projected onto various walls and surfaces. For now, it lives in full-screen mode on the computer.

Processing + Ink = PRINK
Physical Prototyping


Lavo is the result of a model prototyping assignment that tasked us to reimagine the shower interface.

The goal was to create a new interface that is simple, intuitive, and minimalistic, while satisfying the requirements of solutions for bathtub, shower, temperature, and water pressure.
Pen, Paper, Vector


I doodle and occasionally vectorize. Here are some of my recent favorites. Hand lettering, Pen and Paper, Vector Art, Screen Printing.